Dontae Winslow

“LCT 640 麦克风录音清晰而且细腻!”

Dontae Winslow with trumpet

Dontae Winslow是音乐产业界冉冉升起的新星之一。题为《Enter The Dynasty 》的新专辑直面爵士,蓝调,放克,和hip-hop灵魂的组合。该项目包括嘉宾艺人:Ahmir “Questlove” Thompson, Roy Hargrove, Mashica Winslow, Jedi, Dennis Chambers, Antonio Hart, 和爵士钢琴家Chick Corea.”

Dontae Winslow在巴尔的摩艺术学校进修音乐,他从约翰·霍普金斯大学皮博迪音乐学院获得古典音乐表演艺术学士学位。从这所大学,他还获得欧洲古典音乐表演硕士学位。

Dontae已经与多白金R&B 歌手 D'Angelo, Justin Timberlake 等艺人合作巡演。他还曾与大师Clark Terry, The Roots, Stevie Wonder, Larry Willis, 和巴尔的摩交响乐团合作演出,仅举几例。

作为词作家/作曲家/音乐制作人,Dontae编写的开放管弦乐大张旗鼓地排名《电影原声配乐-冲出康普顿》的康普顿专辑公告牌第一名。并且与Jay-Z 和Kanye West合作。唐德是洛杉矶热门演播室音乐家,他现在与德瑞博士合作在工作室为他新的电影《冲出康普顿》原声配乐。

唐德与LCT 640:

“LCT 640麦克风录音清晰而且非常详细。我能够从背景声中一个微妙的耳语捕捉一切,即使小号的尖叫动态也没有音频失真。我爱我的LEWITT。我也一直在使用它为巡演移动录音。这是我全新定位的MIC!”

[LEWITT] What's your microphone of choice?  

[Dontae Winslow] The LCT 640 mic records with clarity and great detail. In my opinion, the LCT 640 is best at multi-tracking and stacking both vocals and instruments. I'm able to capture everything from a subtle whisper in background vocals to the screaming dynamics of a trumpet without audio distortion. 

I’ve used it in that capacity to great effect, and many producers I’ve collaborated with have called me back and asked ‘Hey man, what did you use? This sounds different…’ And I say, ‘You know, that’s a little secret I got,’ because I hate telling my secrets with all the equipment I use. 

This particular microphone is very special – it’s a signature. I love my LEWITT. And I’ve also been using it for mobile recording on tour. This is my go-to mic!

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